Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting

Enhances readability at mere glance, reduce errors and improve drafting speed.
Version Control

Dynamic Version Control

Track multiple versions of the same files using unique tracking IDs automatically stacked up when received, shared or iterated on.
Smart Mapping

Smart Outlining & Mapping

Organize your files in sections, sub-sections and collapse one or more of them at the click of a button.
Defined Terms

Defined Terms

Navigate across sections, subsections and files by hovering over cross-references. Cross-reference dozens of specifically defined terms & acronyms at the tip of fingers.
Math Operations

Math Operations

Dynamically compute multiple variables with mathematical formulas & operations, sync'ed across all documents and data points.
AI, GenAI & LLMs

AI, GenAI & LLMs Technologies

Supercharge your document with AI ✨. Plug your favorite LLMs to interrogate, analyse, draft, review, fix and format any one or more documents.
Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Values & Smart Fields

Control your data at scale directly within your text editor. Embedded inline, these variables enable seamless updates and real-time data manipulation, ensuring your documents are always accurate and up-to-date.

Firing Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Designed for usability, control, and speed for lightning fast execution and executors. Perform tasks quickly and efficiently without navigating through multiple menus.
Document Preview

Instant Document Preview

Seamlessly navigate and preview formal business documents within your projects. Easily refer to and preview the content of any referenced file with a single click, without leaving your current document.

Smart Autocompletion

Boost drafting speed, reduce errors, and ensure consistency. Manage dynamic values, section references, defined terms, and geographic locations, enhancing accuracy and professionalism in business documents.

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