Firing Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Using shortcuts, hotkeys and other events-triggered commands significantly enhances productivity and efficiency by allowing users to perform tasks quickly without relying solely on a mouse or touchpad.

These tools streamline workflows by reducing the time and effort needed to navigate through menus and options, leading to a more seamless and intuitive user experience.

For power users and seasoned professionals, shortcuts and hotkeys are essential, as they facilitate multitasking and enable the rapid execution of complex commands, thus boosting overall performance.

Additionally, they help in minimizing repetitive strain, contributing to a healthier and more ergonomic working environment. By integrating well-designed shortcuts and hotkeys, a UI can greatly improve user satisfaction and effectiveness.

Some keybindings include:

⌘F Search & Replace

⌘G Quick navigation tool

/     Command Menu

⌘L Smart Field Object

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