AI-Powered Text Editor

Connecting files & data in integrated workspaces - starting with legal ⚖️, onto everything that matters.
📚 🏭 🦾 🏗️ 🏦 🩺

Smart Mapping

Organize your files in sections, sub-sections and collapse one or more of them at the click of a button.

Document Preview

Quick peek into referenced content for better navigation across multiple files

Syntax Highlighting

Enhances readability at mere glance, reduce errors and improve drafting speed.
Text with syntax highlighting, giving more texture to concepts and enhancing readability

Firing Shortcuts & Hotkeys

Designed for lightning fast execution and executors, mindful of usability, control, and speed. 🔥
keyboard with one key sticking out

Dynamic Variables

Manage, store & retrieve data at scale and in-line with 2-way dynamic sync'ing.

Dynamic Version Control

Track multiple versions of the same files with unique tracking IDs automatically stacked up when received, shared or iterated on.


Preview and navigate across sections, subsections and defined terms at the speed of light ⚡️.

Defined Terms

Navigate across sections, subsections and files by hovering over cross-references.

Supercharged with AI ✨

Audit AI
Extract data from files & organize in tables
Ask AI
Securely & confidentially ask questions on one or more documents
Draft AI
Draft documents & clauses
Transact AI
Prepare DD reports, CP checklists, closing memos, undertaking diaries, etc.)
Fix AI
Identify, describe & resolve issues
Import AI
Import docx & pdf with high fidelity

Smart Auto-Completion

Accelerate typing, reduce errors with context-aware predictions for more efficient & intuitive digital interactions ✍️

In-line Math Operations

Articulate multiple values with mathematical formulas & operations, dynamically generated and sync'ed across all documents and data points.


Boost productivity by 25%

Save up to 2 hours per day for every office worker

More time dedicated to value-driven tasks

Accessibility & Inclusion

Complex business language more understandable & accessible to all

Syntax highlighting proven to be more inclusive to the neurodiverse 🧠 (ie. dyslexia, ADHD, etc.)  

Transparency & Accountability

More accuracy, less errors

Better monitoring of complex legal & transactional processes

Clearer visibility on document content for smarter/faster decision-making

Remote & Flexible Work

More dynamic use of smaller screens at home 🏠 or in office 🏢

Better "on-screen" document & information management

No more printed materials 📑 🖨️

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