Dynamic Variables
Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Values & Smart Fields

Dynamic variables allow users to manage, store & retrieve project-specific data at scale while being embedded in text files.

Users can assign properties to a project, folder, file or text segment simply by pressing **⌘**L  ****on the relevant selection, effectively creating an object with corresponding attributes.

Some of the data types which can be assigned to each property include:

✍️ Text

📅  Date

💰 Money

🏛️ Organisation


📐 Unit

🔗 Relational link

🙂 Person

🖱️ Multi-select

👆 Single-select

➗ Math operation

✅ Checkbox

For example: an “employee” could have properties such as name, address, salary, role, bank details, etc.

Those values are stored in a dashboard of interconnected data tables, which can be queried with corresponding application scope:  Global, Project, Folder or File.

You can easily swap between text and table views to quickly retrieve the most pertinent section or data.

All variables & data are organised in the form of interconnected data tables like in the example below. Those tables are fully scalable & searchable and leverage the full power of a database management system.

Users can articulate multiple values by way of mathematical formulas & operations, the result of which will be dynamically generated and synced across all the relevant data points.

Both single-select and multi-select are available with an infinite number of options to enhance productivity in any business process.

Users will be able to upload entire data sheets and auto-generate one or more template(s) for each instance of that data sheet.

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