AI, GenAI & LLMs
AI, GenAI & LLMs

AI, GenAI & LLMs Technologies

A natural inclination for modern word processors is to harness the power of AI, Generative AI (Gen AI) and Large Language Models (LLMS). We are no different..

Our world-class AI models revolve around 6 core applications:

  • Audit AI ✨ - Extract data from files & organize in tables
  • Ask AI ✨ - Securely & confidentially ask questions on one or more documents
  • Draft AI ✨ - Draft documents & clauses
  • Transact AI ✨ - Prepare DD reports, CP checklists, closing memos, undertaking diaries, etc.)
  • Fix AI ✨ - Identify, describe & resolve issues
  • Import AI ✨ - Import docx & pdf with high fidelity

The AI-powered text editor provides real-time suggestions to enhance the clarity, style, and tone of your writing. Whether drafting a business proposal, crafting an email, or writing a blog post, the AI assistant ensures your text is concise, engaging, and error-free. Create entire documents simply by writing a prompt.

It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze documents for structure, readability, and coherence. The editor highlights complex sentences, jargon, and passive voice, offering suggestions to improve overall readability. It also provides a summary and key points extraction, helping users quickly grasp the main ideas.


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